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Why Choose ProBookies' Sports Live Betting Software?

ProBookies has been a pioneer in the sports betting industry since 1996. Our team of developers and programmers has been working hard ever since to provide a complete bookie software solution that helps bookmakers run a successful sportsbook business. One of the biggest technological breakthroughs in sports betting has been live betting. With our live sports betting software, your players can enjoy betting in-game while the action unfolds in front of their screens. Don’t limit your players to betting before the game or at half-time only. ProBookies live betting software has been created to fulfill all your players’ needs and keep them coming back for more. Test our live betting software by creating an account today and see how our risk management system and sports betting options can help you grow your business and keep your bankroll safe from any fraudulent activity. Start your 2-Week Free Trial now and get your account set up in under 1-hour by our customer support staff.

Mobile Friendly Player
and Agent Interface

Compatible With Desktop And Mobile Devices, Our Player and Agent Software Interface Will Let You Run a Modern Betting Service That Your Players Will Love.

Payments Methods

We offer two of the most popular cryptocurrency payment methods to help you stay anonymous. Our service starts from as low as $7 per head per week. You only pay for active players and discounts may apply depending on the number of active players you have and the package you have chosen.

ProBookies Pay Per Head Live Betting Software

ProBookies live betting software features all major sports. Your players can bet in-game on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer, and more. Players have access to live-streaming of the games to enjoy the action and bet on it real-time. Our live betting software is the best option to keep your players engaged after kick-off.

For example, in NFL games, bettors have many options to bet on; they can bet play-by-play, predicting what is going to happen whether a pass will be intercepted or incomplete. If the offense will run the ball or throw a pass. Our live betting software was designed to guarantee bettors won’t get out of their seats while they enjoy the game.

Bookies have full control of their players’ settings, including credit limits, wager limits, juice, restrictions and more. You can decide how to set the odds for your players or let us handle everything and follow your instructions.

Get ready to see how your profits grow by offering live sports betting to your clients. Start a 2-Week Free Trial, no deposit required and risk-free today.

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