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Why Choose ProBookies' Sportsbook Software?

ProBookies has been in business for over 25 years and we have worked hard to develop the best sportsbook software for bookies online. We do not sub-rent or lease any software; we have developed our own sportsbook software solutions to include all the features that a professional bookie needs to run a successful sportsbook business. Take full control over your players’ settings, including limits and juice. With our sportsbook software, you will also have access to our risk management services. We will stay on top of all your players’ bets to help you keep your money safe and risk-free.

Mobile Friendly Player
and Agent Interface

Compatible With Desktop And Mobile Devices, Our Player and Agent Software Interface Will Let You Run a Modern Betting Service That Your Players Will Love.

Payments Methods

We offer two of the most popular cryptocurrency payment methods to help you stay anonymous. Our service starts from as low as $7 per head per week. You only pay for active players and discounts may apply depending on the number of active players you have and the package you have chosen.

ProBookies Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software

Starting a sports betting business is very easy if you have the right tools. At ProBookies, we have created a sportsbook software that was developed to fulfill all the needs a bookie has to grow their business and focus on acquiring more players instead of having to worry about all the grunt work related to running a sportsbook.

ProBookies’ sportsbook software is cloud-based; you don’t need to download any software. Our servers are secure and are always up. We guarantee your players will be able to bet 24/7 without interruptions.

Our sportsbook software is very affordable, starting at just $7 per head per week. Some of the advantages we offer are 24/7 customer support. Instant setup in under 1-hour, your players will be ready to start betting on the same day you open your account, access to all major sports and leagues from around the world, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, horse racing, eSports, soccer, tennis, and more. Full control over player settings, including limits, restrictions, and any unique customizations you need. Fully detailed player activity reports with betting history and statistics. You can also let us handle the management of your odds to keep you profitable, or you can even tweak them yourself.

ProBookies white-label solution is perfect for bookies that want to have a preferred website domain name and a custom template. You can have your own branding and design and stand above the crowd.

Get ready to grow your bookie business, start a no deposit required 2-Week Free Trial and see how our solutions can help you be more profitable than ever.

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