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Why Choose ProBookies Price Per Head Services?

ProBookies has been developing the best price per head services for over 25 years. We started helping bookies from all over the world run successful sports betting businesses in 1996. With a team of programmers, developers, and experienced line-makers, customer support agents, we have developed a PPH solution that is the #1 choice for new bookies and seasoned bookmakers. With our sports betting software, your players will have access to all the betting options they are looking for and the biggest selection in sports. We invite you to open an account today and start your 2-Week Free Trial. Our customer support representatives are ready to set up your account in under 1-hour. There is no deposit required and it’s risk-free thanks to our risk management services.

Mobile Friendly Player
and Agent Interface

Compatible With Desktop And Mobile Devices, Our Player and Agent Software Interface Will Let You Run a Modern Betting Service That Your Players Will Love.

Payments Methods

We offer two of the most popular cryptocurrency payment methods to help you stay anonymous. Our service starts from as low as $7 per head per week. You only pay for active players and discounts may apply depending on the number of active players you have and the package you have chosen.

ProBookies Pay Per Head Services

ProBookies price per head services are the #1 choice for new and long-running bookies all over the globe. Our risk management services separate us from the rest of our competitors. We have a team of dedicated risk management specialists that are ready to look after all of your players’ betting activity to identify fraud and any abuse. Our software will send you real-time notifications and alerts when any problem is detected so you can stay on top of everything going on with your players.

Our price per head services also offer all the tools you need to customize your players’ settings, including wager limits, credit limits, exclusive odds, and restricted plays. Our software is a complete solution that includes sports betting, horse racing betting, virtual casino games, live dealer casino games, and white-label capabilities.

Get ready to see how easy it is to grow your business with ProBookies. Start a no deposit required and risk-free 2-Week Free Trial now!

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