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How to Switch to ProBookies

ProBookies offers the best pay her head bookie services and switching your package to us is as simple as 3 steps. Start your 2-Week Free Trial and take advantage of our industry-leading customer support and see how our bookmaking software has all the features you need to run a successful bookie business.

Switch in 3 Simple|Flexible|Easy Steps

1 Register

2 Chat With Us

3 We Set Up Your Package

Step 1

Get started by registering your account here at ProBookies using the form on this page. You only need to provide your preferred agent name, email, phone number, and number of players.

Step 2

Once you have registered your account and get our confirmation email, you need to contact us using our chat system. You can find it at the bottom right corner. We will contact you by phone so one of our agents can welcome you and guide you through the migration process and help you with any questions you might have about our services.

Step 3

Once we have all the details about your package we will start the migration and set up your player profiles and any special player limits or rules you need to have in place.

ProBookies also lets you choose from a wide selection of website skins or we can even create a custom one for you.

Get ready to experience the best customer support and get access to the latest technology in agent software and player software to grow your business.rem

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