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How To Start A Sports Book?

Starting a sports book used to be a lot more complicated than it is today. You used to have to hire a team of programmers and developers to design and build a website where to advertise your betting services. Create accounting teams, payments, line movers, line managers, clerks, customer support representatives, find a building to have your office space and many more things to consider. Don’t forget having to train and induct all your employees to run your business.

Any businessman would also need to find an odds provider and handle all their risk management in-house. The first NFL season would be critical since not only would you need to find customers to pay for all the overhead, but gamblers could break your bank if you didn’t have a big enough bankroll to cover for all the winning bets.

In 2020, starting a sports book is as simple as finding a pay per head sportsbook provider like ProBookies. Our services offer a complete turn-key solution that allows bookies to start their sports betting business in less than an hour. By hiring our services, you get everything from the start, a customizable website with your preferred domain name, customer service representatives, expert line movers, and a fully developed sports betting system with the biggest selection of sports and bet types. You can have your players place their first bets one hour after signing up with us.

Bookies are no longer limited to only offering sports book betting options to their players. Now you can also have a virtual casino, live dealer casino, and racebook in your catalog. The best part is, we have a team of risk management professionals at your disposal that are ready to keep your bankroll safe from fraudulent bets or abusive players.

Starting a sports book business is as easy as following the next steps:

  1. Choose a sports book software provider.
  2. Configure your players’ settings, wager limits, and credit limits, or let us do it for you.
  3. Make sure you have enough bankroll to cover for winning bets.
  4. Find and grow your client base.
  5. Collect money from losers and pay off winners at the end of each week.

ProBookies is here to help you get started, sign up today for a no-risk, and no deposit required 2-Week Free Trial.

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